GC Jazzycats Some Like It Hot
(M) Jul 7 2015, 7740M-2122605, Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic

GC Parti Wai EX Mystical of Jazzycats
Red Spotted Tabby-White Exotic
7940-1785877 v0214 Jun 12 2012

GC Parti Wai EX Black Magic
Black Exotic
7708-1740691 v1212 Jun 15 2011

GC, BW, NW D'Eden Lover Cougart of Parti WaiEX(LatinLove
Black Exotic
7708-1622228 v0910 Nov 5 2007

Parti Wai EX Black Diamond
Black Exotic
7709-1740434 v0212 Mar 22 2010

GC, NW D'Eden Lover Gypsy of Parti Wai EX DM
Brown Patched Spotted Tabby-White Exotic
7987S-1728761 v1212 May 23 2011

CH D'Eden Lover Gigolo of Wishes (Latin Lover)
Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
7744S-1576590 v1107 May 21 2006

GC, NW D'Eden Lover One Star of Wishes DM
Calico Persian
0149-1538393 v0807 Jun 27 2005

Divinity's Jersey Girl of Jazzycats
Blue-Cream Exotic
7751-2030856 Jan 20 2014

CH Kis' Herbas Lennox
Brown Spotted Tabby-White Exotic
7944-1724418 v1112 Nov 26 2009

LT* Lelija Charleston of Molimoli(Kis' Herbas)
Brown Tabby-White Van Exotic
7944-1613569 v0409 Jul 12 2007

Kis' Herbas Lavazza of Siriuksen
Tortoiseshell Smoke Exotic
7725-1644693 v0809/FI SK LO 1510144 Nov 2 2007

PT* Sarthilda Bambi of Grandheart
Red Tabby-White Exotic LH
7799-1774522/(PT)CPF LO 016169 Feb 21 2012
Apollo by Charmibell *PT
Red Tabby Exotic LH
(PT)CPF LO 014217

Foxie du Val Dore of Sarthilda
Tortoiseshell Exotic LH
(PT)CPF LO 015444/LOOF 2010.13749

Sarthilda Bambi of Grandheart
(F) Feb 21 2012, 7799-1774522/(PT)CPF LO 016169, Red Tabby-White Exotic LH
Apollo by Charmibell *PT
Red Tabby Exotic LH
(PT)CPF LO 014217

Goya de Catshire *PT
Red Tabby-White Persian
(PT)CPF LO 012725

Meihua Leo
Red Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1140-1539037/(PT) CPF LO 011770 Apr 8 2005

CH Sumava's Tzeitel
Brown Patched Tabby-White Persian
1187-1494716/(PT)CPF LO 010993 Mar 4 2004
Victoria de Catshire
Dilute Calico Harlequin Persian
(PT)CPF LO 010865

CH, IC Hankypankys Dusty
Blue-White Persian
1106-1053471 / PT (CPF) 04755 LOP Nov 27 1995

CH White Butterfly's Sasha
Dilute Calico Exotic LH
(PT)CPF LO 08049

Foxie du Val Dore of Sarthilda
Tortoiseshell Exotic LH
(PT)CPF LO 015444/LOOF 2010.13749

Junior de Kernevez
Black Persian
LOOF 2004.13916 Jun 23 2004

EC Love Affair de Kernevez
Black Persian
(F) LOF 72094

EC, F* Start Up de Shah-In-Shah
Tortoiseshell Smoke Persian
LOOF 2002.2636 Aug 19 2001

Paris del Falco d'Oro
Red Tabby Exotic LH
ANFI LOI 95243 Mar 9 2009

IC, I* Diciotto Carati Goldrake
Red Tabby Exotic LH
(I)ANFI LO 75817 Jun 7 2003

Sybarit Odilia
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic
7787-1607104 v1111/LOI 89943 May 25 2007