Please read before inquiring


*All Deposits on kitten/cats are non refundable*

"Must have a nonrefundable deposit to hold the kitten/cat ."
We will not hold reserve any cat/kitten until a deposit is received. You may be the first to inquire but the first deposit received gets the reservation.

All Deposits on kittens/cats are non refundable , sorry no exceptions ,the deposit is not transferable to another cat/kitten once a deposit is received. Cat/Kitten must be paid in full within 30 days of receiving the deposit and/or a reasonable amount of time that will be determined by Patlen. When being held over the 30 days if agreed by Patlen ,there will be a boarding fee of $30.00 daily. Shipping costs are due one to two weeks prior to shipping kitty. If money is not received all money is forfeited that has been received for cat/kitten.

*Cash refunds of deposit or of full payment are not an option .


We use only "onesafejourney4u@gmail.com" for all our shipping .

Your cat/kitten will travel with them

or with Delta when they aren`t available.

We accept PayPal

Kittens will be available July

Dilute calico and cream male Exotic shorthair





Grandheart Tomfoolery Patlen Samantha

Cream male and dilute calico female shorthairs.



Litter  ready to go the first of July

 GcRw Scandal Cats Miami Ink Grandheart Lotta Heart

Tabby/white and tabby male


Litter  ready to go the end of July

Grandheart Tomfoolery Patlen Samantha

Cream male/white



Litter  ready to go the end of July